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Media Coverage : Television

"Mapping Murder"

Documentary Series, Channel 5

One of the UK's leading forensic psychologists, Professor David Canter examines some of the most notorious crimes of recent years, from the perspective of geographical and spatial behaviour. From Jack the Ripper to the killings along the A55, these programmes offer a new insight into some of the worst crimes on record by combining psychology with computer software to help solve crimes.

The series consists of six programmes, the first of which was broadcast on the 18th October 2002.

This section will be updated in the near future to contain transcripts from the series plus more official images and information. For details of when this section is updated please register for our enews letter here

for transcript excerpts from the first part of the series click here.

We will shortly be making full transcripts for the whole series available. To be informed when these are available make sure you have signed up for I-psy enews here.

To listen to a musical arrangement by professor canter inspired by the theme tune to the series click here.

murder in mind pic murder in mind pic murder in mind pic

murder in mind pic murder in mind pic murder in mind pic

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David Canter's book, Criminal Shadows. Re-printed for the American Market

Social Psychology of Crime, Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison

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