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Journals : 2003

Alison, L, Smith, M.D., Eastman, O., & Rainbow, L. (2003)
Toulmin’s philosophy of argument and its relevance to Offender Profiling. Journal of Psychology, Crime & Law, 9 (2), 173-181.

Alison, L, Smith, M.D., & Morgan, K. (2003)
Interpreting the accuracy of offender profiles. Journal of Psychology, Crime & Law, 9, (2), 185-195.

Canter, D. (2003).
A Tale of two cultures: A comparison of the Cultures of the Police and Academia. In Villiers, P., & Adlam R., (Eds). Policing a safe, just and tolerant society. An International Model.

Canter, D., & Alison, L. J. (2003).
Converting evidence into data: The use of law enforcement archives as unobtrusive measurement. The Qualitative Report, 8(2), 151-176.

Canter, D., Bennell, C., Alison, L., & Reddy, S. (2003)
Differentiating Sex Offences: A Behaviourally Based Thematic Classification of Stranger Rapes Behavioural Sciences and the Law, 21, 157-174.

Canter, D., Kaouri, C., & Ioannou, M. (2003)
The Facet Structure of Criminal Narratives in S Levy & D Elizur (eds) Facet Theory: Towards Cumulative Social Science pp 27-38.

Canter, D., Grieve, N., Nicol, C., & Benneworth, K. (2003)
Narrative Plausibility: the Impact of Sequence and Anchoring Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 21, 251-267.

Canter. D., & Youngs, D. (2003)
Beyond ‘Offender Profiling’: The Need for an Investigative Psychology in D. Carson & R. Bull (Eds) Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts, Second Edition pp 171-205. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Offender Interaction with Victims in Homicide: A Multidimensional Analysis of Frequencies in Crime Scene Behaviours. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 18,5, 490-512.

Santtila, P., Hakkanen, H., Canter, D., & Elfgren, T. (2003)
Classifying homicide offenders and predicting their characteristics from crime scene behaviour Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 44, 107-118.

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David Canter's book, Criminal Shadows. Re-printed for the American Market

Social Psychology of Crime, Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison

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