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Journals : 2002

Alison, L, Bennell, C, Mokros, A., & Ormerod, D. (2002)
The personality paradox in Offender Profiling. A theoretical review of the process involved in deriving background characteristics from crime scene actions. Journal of Psychology, Public Policy & Law. 115-135.

Bennell, C., & Canter, D. (2002)
Linking commercial burglaries by Modus Operandi: Tests using regression and ROC analysis. Journal of Science and Justice, 42, (3), 1-12.

Canter, D. (2002)
The Violated Body in S T Sweeney & I Hodder (eds) The Body. Cambridge University Press. Pp 57-74.

Mokros, A. & Alison, L. (2002)
Is Offender Profiling Possible? Testing the predicted homology of crime scene actions and background characteristics in a sample of rapists. Journal of Legal & Criminological Psychology, 7, 25-43.

Sandnabba, N.K., Santilla, P., Alison, L., & Nordling, N. (2002)
Demographics, sexual behaviour, family background and abuse experiences of practitioners of sadomasochistic sex: A review of recent research. Journal of Sexual & Relationship Therapy, 17 (1), 39-55.

Snook, B., Canter, D., & Bennell, C. (2002)
Predicting the home location of serial offenders: A preliminary comparison of the accuracy of human judges with a geographic profiling system. Journal of Behavioural Science & the Law, 20, 109-118.

Canter, D., & Youngs, D. (2002) (in press)
Beyond Offender Profiling: The need for an Investigative Psychology in R. Bull and D. Carson (eds) Handbook of Psychology and Legal Contexts

David Canter's book, Criminal Shadows. Re-printed for the American Market

Social Psychology of Crime, Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison

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