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Journals : 1998

Alison, L. J. and Salfati, C. G. (1998).
An Investigative Psychology Approach to Crime Scene Analysis. In Bundeskriminalamt publications. International Symposium of Methods of Crime Analysis and Offender Profiling. Wiesbaden, Germany

Canter, D. (1998)
Profiling as Poison. Inter-alia., 2 (1), 10-11. Canter, D (1998) A New Awakening Journal of Environmental Psychology 18 pp 1-2. Academic Press
view article

Canter, D. & Alison, L.
Precursors to investigative psychology. Criminal Detection and the Psychology of Crime. Ashgate. pp xv-xxx

Canter, D. and Fritzon, K. (1998)
Differentiating Arsonists: A model of Firesetting Actions and Characteristics. Legal and Criminological Psychology, vol.3, pp 73-96.

Canter, D & Hodge, S.
Victims of Male Sexual Assault. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Vol 13, No2. April 1998 pp222-239. Sage publications.

Canter, D. Hughes, D, & Kirby, S. (1998)
Paedophilia: Pathology, criminality, or both? The development of a multivariate model of offence behaviour in child sexual abuse. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry, 9 (3), pp532-555. Routledge

Dodd, N.J. (1998)
Insurance Claim Fraud : Applying Psychology to the reduction of Insurance Claim Fraud. Insurance Trends. Issue 18 pp11-16. Assoc. of British Insurers.

Kebbell, M.R.,Wagstaff, G.F. & Preece, D. (1998).
The effect of knowledge that testimony was elicited with a cognitive interview on jurors' judgments of guilt. Psychology, Crime and Law , 14, 17-25

Kebbell, M.R., Milne, R. & Wagstaff, G.F. (1998).
The cognitive interview: A survey of its forensic effectiveness. Psychology, Crime and Law, 5, 101-115.

Kebbell, M.R. & Wagstaff, G.F. (1998).
Hypnotic interviewing: The best way to interview eyewitnesses? Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 16, 115-129.

Kebbell, M.R. & Milne, R. (1998).
Police officers' perception of eyewitness factors in forensic investigations: A survey. The Journal of Social Psychology, 138, 323-330.

Salfati, C G & Canter, D (1998)
Differentiating Stranger Murders : Profiling Offender Characteristics from Behavioral Styles Journal of Behavioral Sciences and the Law

Seager, P., Kebbell, M.R. & Wiseman, R. (in press).
Interviewing: a psychological perspective. In R. Messer & F. Smith (Eds.) Psychology for Social Workers and Probation Officers. Hatfield: Harvester.

Sinha, A & Ito, M (1998)
The Meaning of Places Open House International 23, (4), pp32-41

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