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Journals 1976 - 1997


Canter, D. (1997)
The art of academic writing ( including dissertations).

Canter, D. (1997)
Beyond "Profiling": Psychology and the Investigative Process. Forensic Update, issue 48, pp 24-38.

Canter, D. (1997)
The Facets of place in G T Moore & R W Marans (eds) Advances in Environment, Behavior, and Design. 4. New York. Plenum. Pp 109-148

Canter, D. (1997)
Words of Caution. Policing Today, March 12-15.

Canter, D & Alison L J (1997) (eds)
Criminal Detection and the Psychology of Crime. Ashgate, Dartmouth.

Canter, D & Alison, L (1997)
Precursors to Investigative Psychology in D. Canter and L. Alison (eds.) Criminal Detection and the Psychology of Crime Aldershot: Ashgate, xv - xxx

Canter, D. & Chester, J. (1997)
Investigation into the claim of weighted Cusum in authorship attribution studies. Forensic Linguistics4 (2) 253-261.

Canter, D. & Kremer, M. (1997)
Psychological Autopsy (K Mason).The Pathology of Trauma. Arnold, London. pp1-21

Canter, D., Missen, C, and Hodge, S. (1997)
Are Serial Killers Special? Policing Today

Canter, D. & Scott M J. (1997)
Picture or Place? A Multiple Sorting Study of Landscape. Journal of Environmental Psychology 17, pp263-281. 1997 Academic Press Limited.

Godwin, M. and Canter, D. (1997)
Encounter and Death: The Spatial Behaviour of U.S. Serial Killers. Policing: International Journal of Police Strategy and Management, vol.20, (1),
pp 24-38.

Kebbell, M.R. (1997).
Should we use hypnosis to interview eyewitnesses? Forensic Update, 50, 10-13.

Kebbell, M.R. & Wagstaff, G.F. (1997).
Why do the Police interview eyewitnesses? Interview objectives and the evaluation of eyewitness performance. The Journal of Psychology, 131, 595-601.

Kebbell, M.R. & Wagstaff, G.F. (1997).
An investigation into the influence of hypnosis on the confidence and accuracy of eyewitness recall. Contemporary Hypnosis, 14, 157-166.


Alison, L.J. & Salfati, G. (1996)
An Investigative Approach to Homicide Detection. In Baurmann, M. (Ed.) Offender Profiling and Case Analysis. Bundeskriminalamt: Wiesbaden.


Choi, P., Gale. T., Hatton, C., Kebbell, M.R. & Newlands, P. (1995).
Guidelines for Prospective Research Students. Leicester: British Psychological Society.

Canter, D. (1995)
The Facets of Place. In G.T. Moore and R.W. Marans (eds). Advances in Environment, Behavior and Design 4: The Integration of Theory, Research Methods and Utilization. London: Plenum press, 107-138. 

Canter, D. (1995)
Psychology of offender profiling, in Bull, R, & Carson, D. (eds) Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contests. Chichester: Wiley Chapter 4.5 pp 343-335.

Canter, D. and Kirby, S. (1995)
Prior Convictions of Child Molesters. Science and Justice, vol.35, pp 73-78.

Canter, D. & Sinha, A. (1995)
Facets of Modernism and Post-Modernism in Landscape Architecture. Design for the Environment - the Interdisciplinary Challenge, ACSA: West Central Regional Conference. 114-122.


Canter, D. (1993)
The wholistic organic researcher: Central issues in clinical research methodology, in Powell, G. Young,R. & Frosh, S. (eds) Curriculum in clinical psychology, Leicester: The wholistic organic researcher: Central issues in clinical research methodology. BPS pp 40-56.

Canter, D. and Larkin, P. (1993)
The Environmental Range of Serial Rapists. Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol.13, pp 93-99.


Canter, D. (1992)
An evaluation of 'Cusum' stylistic analysis of confessions, Expert Evidence. 1, (2) pp 93-99.

Donald, I, & Canter, D. (1992).
Intentionality and fatality during the King's Cross Underground fire. Volume 22, 203-218


Canter, D. (1991)
Criminal Residential Location


Canter, D & Donald, I. (1990)
Accident by Design: Environmental, attitudinal and organisational aspects of accidents. Paper presented to Culture, space, history: 11th conference of the international association for the study of people and their physical settings, 8-12 July 1990 , Ankara, Turkey

Canter, D, & Heritage, R. (1990)
A multivariate model of sexual offence behaviour: Developments in 'Offender Profiling', The journal of Forensic Psychiatry. 1, (2). London Routledge pp 185-212.


Canter, D. (1989)
Offender Profiles, The Psychologist, 2, (1), pp 12-16.


Canter, D. (1988)
To catch A Rapist. New Society, 14-15.


Canter, D. (1983)
The potential of facet theory for applied social psychology. Quality and Quantity 17 pp35-67

Canter, D. (1983)
Putting situations in their place. Chapter for "Social Behaviour in Context". A. Furnham (Ed). Allip & Bacon, Dec. 1983.

Canter, S. & Canter, D. (1983)
Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, Professional growth and psychological Education. 36, 283-287.* 15

Comber, M. and Canter, D. (1983)
Differentiation of Malicious and Non-malicious Fire-Alarm Calls Using Multidimensional Scaling. Perceptual and Motor Skills, vol.57, pp 460-462.


Canter, D. & Rees, K. (1982).
Volume, 31, 185-208. Action & Place : The Existential Dialectic


Canter, D. (1980-81)
Fires and human behaviour: Emerging Issues. 41-46


Breaux, J. Canter, D. Sime, J. (1976)
University of Surrey, Fire Research Unit, Guilford, Surrey, 5th International Fire Protection Seminar. Volume 2, 22-24. Psychological Aspects of Behaviour of People in Fire situations.


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