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The following books can be ordered online through by clicking on the relevant links.

    coverMapping Murder
David Canter (2003)
Mapping Murder lifts the lid on geographical profiling, showing how the physical journeys criminals take to commit their crimes throw light in their psychological journeys...

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      coverCriminal Shadows
David Canter (1995)
Britainís leading pioneer in the psychological science of criminal profiling reveals how vicious serial killers and rapists unconsciously cast shadows of their identity at the crime scene.
      coverCriminal Shadows (US Version)
David Canter (published 2000)
Updated paperback edition, now available for the first time in the USA. A must read for anyone in the field of criminal justice.
      coverCriminal Detection and the Psychology of Crime
Canter,D. & Alison,L. (1997) (eds)
This book examines various areas of criminal detection such as interviewing, detecting deception, evaluating testimony, juvenile offenders and offender typologies.
      coverThe Offender Profiling Series Volume 1: Interviewing & Deception
Edited by David Canter and Laurence Alison (1999)
This volume brings together a unique range of studies that explore the psychological processes involved in interviewing, detecting deception and the use of expert witnesses.
      coverThe Offender Profiling Series Volume 2: Profiling in Policy & Practice
Edited by David Canter and Laurence Alison
'Profilers' and 'Profiling' are now widely discussed, often with almost mythical respect. This volume examines the confusions and misunderstandings surrounding this topic.
      cover The Offender Profiling Series Volume 3: The Social Psychology of Crime
Edited by David Canter and Laurence Alison
In this ground-breaking book crimes as diverse as fraud and hostage taking are examined.
      cover The Offender Profiling Series Volume 4: Profiling Property Crimes
Edited by David Canter and Laurence Alison
Each of these specially commissioned papers explores the varieties of different crimes against property.
      book iconProfiling Rape & Murder
Canter, D.& Alison,L. (1999) (eds)
The psychological processes underlying rape and murder are discussed in this text. It examines recent findings on serial killing, rape and murder and looks at the implications for understanding the experience of victims.
      book iconFacet Theory: Approaches to Social Research (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
Canter, D. (Ed.) (1984)
      book iconPsychology in Practice
S Canter & D Canter (1983)


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