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Offender Profiling Series: Vol 4
Profiling Property Crimes
Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison (2000)

Each of these commissioned papers explores the varieties of different crimes against property. The actions that differentiate types of arson, burglary, workplace crime and robbery are examined to provide insights of relevance to criminologists, psychologists and criminal investigators.

Profiling Property Crimes.
David Canter and Laurence Alison

Intruders, Pilferers, Raiders and Invaders: The Interpersonal Dimension of Burglary.
Simon Merry and Louise Harsent

The Criminal Range of Small Town Burglars.
Mary Barker

Bandits, Cowboys and Robins: The Facets of Armed Robbery.
Laurence Alison, Warren Rockett, Steven Deprez and Steven Watts

Criminal Weapon Use in Brazil: A Psychological Analysis.
Aline Lobato

The Contribution of Psychological Research to Arson Investigation.
Katarina Fritzon

Theft at Work.
Adrian Robertson

The Psychology of Fraud.
Nick J. Dodd

Statistical Approaches to Offender Profiling.
David P. Farrington and Sandra Lambert

Using Corporate Data to Combat Crime against Organisations: A Review of the Issues.
Nick J. Dodd

Crime Analysis: Principles for Analysing Everyday Serial Crime.
Simon Merry

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