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Offender Profiling Series
Profiling in Policy and Practice
Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison (1999)

Analyzing the system of offender profiling, this book takes into consideration the quality and validity of the information on which police base their decisions, assessing the possibilities for detecting deception. The consistencies of a criminal's behaviour are also studied, with a look at the differences between one offender and another. Other questions asked include what form such groups take and the influence they have on trhe criminal's actions, the role of leaders in crimes or the socio-cultural processes of which they are a part. There are also imortant issues about the implications and use of any answers that may emerge from scientific studies of crimes and their investigation.

Profiling in Policy and Practice
Laurence Alison and David Canter

Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues in Offender Profiling
Laurence Alison and David Canter

Mobsters are Human Too
Petrus Van Duyne

Social Science Perspectives on the Analysis of Investigative Interview
Nigel Fielding

False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
Ray Aldridge-Morris

Equivocal Death
David Canter

Approaches to the Scientific Attribution of Authorship
Joy Aked, David Canter, Anthony J. Sanford and Nicola Smith

Psychologists as Expert Witnesses
Kathleen Cox

Criminal Profiling: Trial by Judge and Jury, not Criminal Psychologist
David Ormerod

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