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Offender Profiling Series: Vol 3
The Social Psychology of Crime
Edited by David Canter & Laurence Alison (2000)
This series offers a thorough introduction to and overview of the emerging field of investigative psychology. This volume examines social and organizational aspects of crime, knowledge of which enables the incapacitation of criminal networks and shows how investigative teams can best be organized.

The Social Psychology of Crime: Groups, Teams and Networks.
David Canter and Laurence Alison

Culture and Crime.
Gerald Mars

The Structural Analysis of Criminal Networks.
Duncan McAndrew

Investigating Fraud.
Alan Doig

Rules and Roles in Terrorist Hostage Taking.
Margaret Wilson and Alaster Smith

Riot by Appointment: An Examination of the Nature and
Structure of Seven Hard-Core Football Hooligan Groups.

Lynne Johnston

Ram Raiding: Criminals Working in Groups
Angela Wilson and Ian Donald

The Social Structure of Robbery
Karyn McCluskey and Sarah Wardle

Criminology, Disistance and the Psychology of the Stranger.
Shadd Maruna

Destructive Organisational Psychology
David Canter

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