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Keri Nixon
Research Assistant

tel:+ 44 151 794 2350

Keri graduated with a BSc in Applied Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University in 2000. She then came to the University of Liverpool to study for the MSc in Investigative Psychology, graduating in 2001. She has worked in prisons interviewing inmates for treatment programmes, predominantly sex offender treatment programmes. She has completed research in various settings, including Ashworth Maximum Security Hospital, on prison bullying, sex offences, arson, racism and football hooliganism. During the MSc she worked with the Metropolitan Police Service at a Community Safety Unit and was invited to attend the PEACE interviewing course at Hendon Police College.

In 2002-2003 Keri worked at the Department as a research assistant and consultant to an insurance company for fraud detection techniques. She is currently working on her PhD in association with Merseyside Police. Her research examines at the risk assessment of different forms of domestic violence with the aim of 'predicting and reducing domestic homicide. She is also assisting in various research projects at the Department.

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