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Laura Hammond


Laura graduated with a BSc (1st class) in Psychology from the University of Liverpool in 2003, her research having focused primarily on eyewitness testimony and the use of the Cognitive Interview, but also on football related disorder and the influence of the media on violence.

She went on to spend a year as a research assistant for the Centre for Investigative Psychology, working with the Dragnet geographical profiling system and researching its utility and effectiveness.

Laura completed an MSc in Investigative Psychology, graduating with distinction in 2005. Her dissertation was on the spatial behaviour of offenders and the use of geographical profiling methods, which she continues to research for her PhD with Professor Canter (ESRC funded).

Laura is the lead researcher on the Dragnet geographical profiling system, and works on developing and refining the system, as well as providing training into all aspects of the software and its use. She is involved in a number of projects within the centre, not only on geographical profiling and spatial behaviour, but also eyewitness evidence and its admissibility within the criminal justice domain.

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