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Susan Giles


Susan received both her BSc (Psychology) and MSc (Investigative Psychology) from the University of Liverpool. She worked as a part time research assistant within the Centre before receiving ESRC funding for a full time PhD in 2003. Her thesis builds upon her MSc Dissertation, which identified the anchored narratives individuals enlist to legitimate suicide in suicide notes. Susan has presented her findings on suicide narratives at multidisciplinary conferences both nationally and abroad.

She has also contributed to consultancy reports for the Safer Merseyside Partnership (Youth Crime and Disorder), Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science (Broken Windows Policing), as well as for a case held before the Criminal Review Board (Unexpected Suicides). Susan's research interests include the social and lived constructions of criminal and health narratives, and the validity of deriving inferences from these that might assist policy, representation and public health.


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