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Professor Ian Donald
Head of the School of Psychology

tel:+ 44 151 794 3910


Professor Donald is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. He currently has responsibility for the research methods aspect of the MSc in Investigative Psychology. His main areas of research interest are within occupational and organisational psychology. He has advised major companies, the HSE, and the European Union on various industrial issues.

Currently Professor Donald has a number of research projects with international, blue chip companies looking at such factors as organisational climate and culture, organisational change, teamwork, and psychological aspects of industrial safety. He also has a long-standing interest in human behaviour in disasters, facet theory and psychological aspects of adoption. Professor Donald has published widely on social, environmental and organisational psychology as well as research methods. He has also presented his work at conferences and in invited lectures around the world. His most recent publication in investigative psychology is an examination of ram-raiders from an organisational perspective. In all he has presented and published over 100 papers. Professor Donald is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.


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