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Prof. Laurence Alison
Academic Director, Centre for Critical Incident Decision Making

tel: + 44 151 794 6707


Prof. Laurence Alison is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and Professor in the School of Psychology, University of Liverpool, UK. His work has involved a number of projects on the processes of manipulation, influence and deception that are features of criminal investigations including work on police decision making and critically evaluating offender profiling techniques. He has a track record of publishing on the subject of policing and investigation in several leading internationally recognised journals and has lectured nationally and internationally about this subject. His work has attracted attention from many police forces in the UK and abroad and he has worked closely alongside a number of police officers on research projects for the last ten years. He has contributed directly to a number of major police enquiries, particularly complex and controversial investigations. He has presented his work extensively to a number of national and international police forces and has provided advice in relation to several high profile investigations and training courses.

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