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Alumni Submission Form

Anyone that has been involved with Investigative Psychology is invited to sign up for i-psyalumni. The aim of the project is to form an i-psycommunity that will produce a comminication network within itself and that will also be of interest to other parties that have not previously been associated with the field.

The first stage of the project will to be register as many people as would like to be involved and then produce an online facility for those members. For those that would like their details available on the web, information such as previous and current research areas and employment details can be displayed as well as publications, photographs and homepage & email links. Even for those not wishing to have their details on the web there will be clear advantages to being involved in this project.

We will soon be publishing an agenda for the project however this is by no means final and we would welcome any suggestions that you may have. We are also looking for a 'class spokesperson' for each year so if you are still in touch with some of the people you studied with, or would like to take on the role then let us know!

Just fill out the application form and we will let you know as soon as there are any developments!

Course Start

Course start year (research, MSc, PhD)

Contact Details

Full Name:


Current address:




Research & Employment

Four main research areas whilst studying:





Do you have any publications? what are they?

What are you currently doing, e.g. work, research

What other relevant positions have you had?

Additional Info

Would you like to be a class spokesperson?

Yes No

Would you like your details on the web?

Yes No
Do you have a photo on the computer you are on? if so, find it with the box on the right. this should ideally be a gif/jpeg file that does not have a large file size.


Thanks for your input. After submitting the form you will be taken back to the iPBase page.


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