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3 March, , Eleanor Rathbone Theatre , University of Liverpool
Start: 9.30am finish 4.30pm


Six presentations by investigators and academics from North America and Europe will explore the differentiation of offenders across cultures, and developments in geographical profiling. The presentations will outline the basis of various approaches, illustrating their application to recent police cases.


  • Dr R. Keppel, USA
    Signature Killers: Linking Murders Through Signature Analysis and Modus Operandi.
  • Detective S. Harbort, Germany
    Criminology of the serial murderer: Results from an empirical analysis of serial homicides in Germany
  • Professor D. Canter, UK, Emily Alison, USA
    An Empirical Test of the Organised/Disroganised Dichotomy
  • Adrian West, National Crime Faculty, UK.
    Can Narrative Theory Help Us Understand the Motives of Serial Sex Killers.
  • Mr A. Mokros and Mr B. Snook, Germany/Canada
    Developments in Dragnet, a Geographical Profiling System
  • Dr P. Santtila, Finland
    Homicide in Finland, some comparisons.

The seminar represents a unique opportunity to learn about recent developments in psychological research on serial offending from around the world.

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