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The Centre of Investigative Psychology conducts various forms of workshops, courses and seminars. These educational forums are designed to provide those interested in crime and it's investigation with insight into the psychological tools that can aid working practices. The provision of these can be through week long 'short-courses' or 1 or 2 day seminars and workshops.

2001-2002 seminar programme

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Other short course modules directly linked to the study of criminal investigations.

Research Procedures in Criminal Analysis

The objective analysis of criminal behaviour often leads to very different conclusions to those drawn from personal experience. Basic psychological research skills can contribute to this process.

  • The nature of different criminals
  • Objective identification of simple trends and patterns in criminal behaviour
  • Preparation of informed reports
  • Approaches to identifying patterns and consistencies in criminal behaviour
  • Reliability and Validity of research on criminal actions
Specialised Investigative Interviewing

Good interviewing skills are essential to criminall investigations. Psychological models of investigative interviewing will be introduced to participants.
  • Memory processes and information retrieval
  • Validity and Reliability of eyewitness accounts
  • Strategies for interviewing vulnerable witnesses
  • Strategies employed for optimal interviewing of suspects
Investigative Decision Making

Effective decision making is crucial to all police work.This module focuses on psychological models of decision making that employ the most relevent information.
  • Team and individual detective decisions
  • Applying objective logic
  • Computerised suspect prioritisation system
  • Approaches to computer-based decision support
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Criminal Pathways

Enriched knowledge of the unfolding careers of offenders can help in understanding criminal actions.
  • The development of a crime series
  • Previous offences of criminals
  • Different themes of criminal development
  • Linking crimes
The Geography of Crime

Environmental factors effect the behaviours of offenders. Familiarity with specific areas determine offender's movements and actions.
  • The offender's 'mental map'
  • The selection of victim/target areas
  • Ways of identifying the offender's possible home location
Investigative Psychology and Violent Crime

Many investigators will have only limited experience in investigating serious violent crime. Psychological research provides insight into the behaviour of such criminals
  • rape
  • homicide
  • serial murder
  • serial arson

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Investigative Psychology and Volume Crime

The majority of police work revolves around the investigation of high-frequency low-level offences. The principles of investigative psychology can also be employed to assist in the investigation of these crimes.
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • criminal networks
  • informants

These courses are relevant to all psychologists and other social and behavioural scientists as well as those professionals involved in criminal investigation and related matters. Whilst previous delegates have predominantly been senior national and international police officers, many of the course topics are relevant to other disciplines and professions.

Course Director

Professor David Canter PhD, FBPsA, Chartered Forensic Psychologist. The country's leading authority on Investigative Psychology, Professor Canter has worked with and advised police forces around the world.

Other lecturing staff

All teaching staff are research psychologists at the CIP. Additionally senior police officers who have trained at the CIP will provide working case examples.

Courses to be held within the Centre for Investigative Psychology will be advertised on these pages, queries in relation to these courses should be sent
here. Alternatively courses can be provided away from the centre on request.

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